About Us

Welcome to our Pre-school We are open five days a week during term time. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays we are at the East Brent Village Hall from 08:45 until 14.45, and on Friday we are at the East Brent CofE School Hall (see website below for location details) from 9.00 until 15.00.

We are registered for a maximum of 24 children from the age of 2 until school age. There is always the minimum of two members of staff on duty at all times. Our staff are fully trained to Social Service standards, and in compliance with the Children’s Act, we offer equal opportunities to all.

Our aims are to provide a safe and happy place for our children to play and by so doing, help them to be ready for the next stage of their education. Studies have shown that play is the very best way for young children to learn and practice many of the skills they will require for their later learning. We ensure that all our children are provided with as many opportunities for varied play as possible.

We are a community group with charitable status run by parents and volunteers. At our Annual General Meeting, a committee is elected to administer and be responsible for the decisions made by the group, but all parents are welcome to attend our meetings and to be involved. For further information regarding the committee please speak with our Chairperson. We value your ideas and help in whatever way you can give it. We have several fund-raising events throughout the year, and would be grateful for your help to ensure that these run smoothly. If you can assist by either giving your time or providing a cake or raffle prize, we would be grateful.

We are OFSTED registered and undergo regular inspections.